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Listed below are our most commonly asked questions.....

What connector
do I have?
With so many different connectors available these days, you want to make sure you get the one that matches what you have on your equipment.  This page should help you determine just that with detailed photos.

dB to Watt Table
& Power Limits
Converting dB (decibels) into Watts is very simply using this handy chart.  There is also detailed information on FCC (US) power limitations for Part 15 users (general public) and Part 97 users (amateur radio operators).

Losses and Gains per dB Table Many ask us how much better a larger gain antenna is over their existing one, or if a better grade of coax will help performance. This table will translate dB change into a percentage of change. This chart also shows why even a single .1 of a dB loss can affect a system.

What Is Radio
Line Of Sight
This is probably the most misunderstood concept.  Just because you can see between two points, microwave signals may not be able to.  This explaination of radio line of sight versus visual line of sight should help you get your installation working correctly.

Our Shipping Q&A Details on our shipping policies and which carriers we use.  There also is information about our performance delivery guarantee.   

How to contact FAB Details on how to contact us via phone, fax, and e-mail.  Also has a simple to use form to get a message to us via the website for the fastest reply.

Privacy statement Details about our privacy policies.   We take your privacy very seriously.   All pages containing personal details are encrypted.  We also do not keep your credit card information, it's used only for processing.

Request a RMA Number Didn't work as you planned?  Unit defective?  Bought too many?  Not  problem.  This page has our return policies listed and a form to fill out to start the return process.

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