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These starter kit builders have been put together to give you everything you need to extend the range for your 802.11a/b/g gear in one easy to select from page. Each selection comes with everything you need to hook up to one of the antenna jacks on your radio to an external antenna. (Be sure to turn off the second antenna jack in the radio's configuration if it has one for best performance) You have an option of a indoor and outdoor starter kit, as well as the popular cantenna starter kit.

Starter Kits & Cantenna
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Build Your Own Outdoor Starter Kit
See full details
Build Your Own Outdoor Starter Kit
SKU: startkit221

Select your antenna, cables and surge arrestor to suit your outdoor specifications.

Our price: $72.00

Build Your Own Cantenna Kit!
See full details
Build Your Own Cantenna Kit!

Many customers have asked, what is a Cantenna, and how do I make one. The concept is a basic one - and some of the parts you need for it are available with this kit.

Our price: $13.95



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