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Our Shipping Q&A

USPS is available as an option on shipping. Domestic customers wishing to use USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail services may request this in the comments section of their order. International customers may request USPS EMS (Express Mail Service) in the comments section of your order. These services may be less expensive than UPS due to skyrocketing fuel surcharges (currently at 32.5% for all air services) by UPS. We are as of 7/17/08 officially waiving the five and ten dollar handling fees associated with USPS until further notice.

This being said USPS may not always be avaialble as for some items we may send directly from our vendors, (example being the Q-Bridge), these items may still need to go UPS. We will let you know if we are unable to use USPS for your order.

Q: Who do you ship with?

A: We ship with UPS as a rule.  We will attempt ship on your account with any company if you ask us to however it may not be possible, depending on what you are ordering or where it is going, it also may delay your shipment.  We also will ship upon request for domestic shipments with the United States Postal Service Priority Mail, this too will delay your shipping as our pick up from USPS is not daily. There is a handling fee for use of your own shipping account, $5.00 for domestic and $10.00 for international shipments. We will not ship international with DHL.

Q: Where will you ship to?

A: We will ship anywhere we can legally ship to.  Currently we can not ship to Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, and North Korea.

Q: Will you ship to an APO or a FPO?

A: Yes, we can ship there with USPS Priority Mail.  Standard Priority Mail rates will apply. 

Q: Will you ship with USPS for International Orders?

A: Yes, however since the postal service does not offer any kind of tracking ability on Air or Surface Mail, the only way we will ship with the post office is by way of Express Mail.

Q: What is the deal with your delivery guarantee?

A: For domestic shipments when you select that you want the package in 1 day, 2 days, 3 days or ground service - we guarantee that as long as the order was in our system before 3 PM eastern time, and we do not list the item as out of stock or back ordered you will have it when you asked for it or before.  For example if you order a pigtail on Monday and you want it for 3 day delivery (by Thursday) we will ship it to you in order to make that dead line.  This at times means you might get an overnight package from us if something happened to keep your item from going out.  It also means that your item may come by any other service level to make that delivery commitment.  If we have failed to meet your deadline selected when you place the order you can send us an e-mail and request a refund toward the missing items; This does not apply to things that would delay delivery such as a snow storm or other acts that would be out of our control or the control of our agent (UPS, FedEx etc).  Also an attempted delivery that would have otherwise been within the delivery commitment window does count as making the guarantee.

Q: I don't like a specific company, (eg UPS, FedEx) can I tell you who to ship with?

A: Yes, note your request in the comments field.  We only get discounts with UPS Selecting an alternate company will never reduce your shipping quote. We will not ship with DHL for International Shipments, we also will ONLY ship express mail service for International upon request.


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