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  COAX-SEAL Retail Pack #104

COAX-SEAL Retail Pack #104 

This is the original COAX-SEAL connector sealant! 1/2" wide x 3/32" thick, 60" long peel-away paper backing.

One package seals 9 coax fittings from moisture and corrosion.

  • Stays flexible at any temperature
  • Permanent-Long COAX life - provides years of protection
  • Helps to insure low SWR
  • Forms and seals over odd shapped and difficult fittings
  • Fast-easy seal for all antenna connections
  • Non-Contaminating
  • Non-Conductive

  • Trusted by the U.S. Navy, Cisco Sytems, and others!

Weight0.25 lbs
Price: $3.45


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