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  Ratcheting Coax Crimping Tool

Ratcheting Coax Crimping Tool 

This crimper is a ratcheting type tool, making it easy to crimp without a lot of stress on your hands. The tool comes complete with one changeable die of your choice. Choices include LMR-100 (Hex size .178, .130 & .068), LMR-195, 200 and 240 (Hex size .255 .213, .10, .068, & .052) and LMR-400 (Hex size .429, .128 & .100).

NOTE: If you are only in need of the handle and do not want any die sets with it, the cost for the handle only is $29.05. Please contact sales@fab-corp.com to discuss your needs.

Weight1.35 lbs
Price: $49.00

Crimp Tool Die

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Coax Crimp Tool




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