LMR®-240-FR - 1,000 Foot Spool
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LMR®-240-FR - 1,000 Foot Spool

The Times Microwave LMR®-240FR low loss coaxial cable is a non-halogenated, low smoke, fire-retardant cable designed for in-building applications. This braided coax cable offers similar performance compared to corrugated copper cables but provides high flexibility and simplified connectorization.

This 50 Ohm coax cable has a solid bare copper center conductor and stranded outer conductor. Low loss is achieved through use of the 90 percent braided shield. A foam polyethylene serves as insulation. This braided coax cable is UL, MSHA, CATV, and CL2 listed.

The LMR®-240 transmission line can be used in almost any application where handing characteristics, improved shielding, and low loss is required. The LMR-240 fire-retardant cable is similar in size to RG8X cables and fits LMR-300 connectors. 

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Attenuation of LMR®-240-FR:

  • 30 MHz =  1.3dB of loss per 100 feet
  • 50 MHz =  1.7dB of loss per 100 feet
  • 150MHz = 3.0dB of loss per 100 feet
  • 220MHz = 3.7dB of loss per 100 feet
  • 450MHz = 5.3dB of loss per 100 feet
  • 900MHz = 7.6dB of loss per 100 feet
  • 1500MHz (1.5GHz) = 9.9dB of loss per 100 feet
  • 2400MHz (2.4GHz) = 12.9dB of loss per 100 feet
  • 5800MHz (5.8GHz) = 20.4dB of loss per 100 feet

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